5 Tips to Get Rid of Brittle Nails

Today I will share to you some tips so get rid of the brittle nails. It’s very important to say that the your nails can see the condition of your health. If you have a good health your skin and nails are always look good.

  • The first tip is avoid acetone to remove nail polish, acetone is a very good to remove nail polish but it’s dangerous for your nail it can cause the decoration of the protein of the nails. So try to use the polish remover to remove the nail polish.
  • The second tip is choose the right nail polish because the nail polish is on your nails for a long time, most of them is contained chemical which is the reason make your nails are brittle. If you can, consider the GEL polish or the organic Dipping Powder.
  • Tip number three is very easy but most people don’t do enough, this is drink more water. Provide enough water for your body is help your nails look good.
  • Tip number four is avoid cleaning products. If you have to clean your house, to wash your dishes… Make sure that you wear glove all the time to protect your hand and your fingernails. All kind of cleaning products will annul your nails easily.
  • The last tip for today is provide enough iron and protein. Some people are on a diet to forget some food that contain iron and protein and the result is their fingernails are so weak and brittle.

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