What do Your Finger Nails talk about Your Health?

Most people don’t pay attention about some change in their finger nails but these changes tell a lot about our health. Any kind of change in the nails may indicate a certain disease or condition. That is why we need to pay more attention to them. Do they change their color? Are they thicker? thinner? Easy to chip? Break? Crack? …
All these changes can indicate serious health problems and help you to find the problem on time.

  • If your nails are clubbed and puffed around the fingers it may be a sign of inflammatory bowel disease respiratory disease AIDS or liver disease.
  • If your nails are dry and brittle are usually associated with hormone imbalance or bacterial and fungal infections.
  • If you have some ridges on the fingernails may be a warning sign of arthritis iron deficiency or lupus. .You should visit your doctor as soon as possible.
  • If your nails look curved like a spoon you might be suffering from iron deficiency hypothyroidism heart disease or a liver disorder caused by high iron absorption.
  • Split nails have a tendency to flake and are generally caused by malnutrition some nutrients deficiencies folic acid, vitamin C and protein.
  • White nails may be a sign of hepatitis.
  • While dark stripes near the top indicate congestive heart failure.
  • Blue nails area sign of low blood oxygen levels while green nails in DIC ( DIC s a syndrome triggered by a number of medical conditions including malignancy, infection and liver disease, and results in consumption of clotting factors in the blood. )
  • Red nails are a sign of vitamin deficiencies
  • While red streaks on the fingernails maybe an early sign of heart valve infections.

With these signs above, you can see your fingernails can tell a lot about your health. So always pay attention to them and take action right away if you see any change in your fingernails to protect your health.

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