What is the Dipping Powder?

Dipping Powder is the new solution for finger nails and very popular in 2018 and will be the first choice for people who want beautiful nails, stronger nails and healthy nails.

1/ What is the Dipping Powder?

Dipping Powder is the powder that has its own color, you can choose any color you want on the simple chart and then the nail tech will dip your finger nails into the powder until all your finger nails look good, make them smooth, shiny and done.

2/ Why do the people like the Dipping Powder?

  • There are too many reasons that people like the Dipping Powder.
  1. Dipping Powder is really light, much more lighter than the Acrylic.
  2. Your nails bed is still healthy after take the Dipping Powder off, specially the Organic Dipping Powder.
  3. Dipping Powder is still strong enough for you to work in most jobs that relative with your fingers like : data entry, piano playing …
  4. Dipping Powder looks more shiny, more beautiful than the others.
  5. Dipping Powder stronger than the Gel and lighter than the Acrylic.
  6. You don’t need to paint your nails and worry about mess up your nails like regular polish
  7. You don’t need to dry your nails under the UV light that cause the skin cancer like the GEL polish.

3/ The correct way to do the dip powder

  1. Drill really thin the top first layer of your nail bed to help the powder stick on on nail completely.
  2. Use the number 1 liquid to clean your nail bed.
  3. Dip your nail into the powder two or three times depend on what the powder you use with liquid number 2.
  4. Apply liquid number three to activate the powder to make them strong.
  5. Smooth your nails with drill and buffer.
  6. Wash your hand and all your finger nails.
  7. Apply liquid number three again and wait at least 30 seconds.
  8. Apply the shiny liquid number 4 and wait around 2 minutes and you are done.

**** Remember that the Dipping Powder never use the UV light for drying.

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